• Al Bailey

"WELLIVING..." #npractice #ugothis

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

To Live Well it helps to wish one another well in our living. The thought is as powerful as words spoken and may our thoughts build within one another, what we wish for ourselves. Making it a habit of being happy for someone's success is vital in your becoming successful in welling one another in our encounters. I wish everyone a strong practice of "WELLIVING..."

Being happy for someone else's success allows you to feel the energy of success. Jealously cultivates a mind of stagnation, which repels success and leads to more dead-end jobs.

Remember the thoughts we put out do return so there's no surprise once realizing what we're causing to take place in our own lives, is based on how we're responding to everyday life experiences around us.

The response is like a muscle and unless we work it out, there's not much strength in our ability to respond. Who wouldn't wish to build a better clearer way of responding to life and reverse the life-debilitating habit of fight-flight-freeze-play dead? You have all the means within you to experience and develop a practice of "WELLIVING..." Nothing is needed, only what you already have. Breath-response.

Time doesn't slow down for no one, it's a constant battle to even breathe at times. To improve health we need to have more time for our selves and time to share, absent of the pressures of life. The pressures of life can be as aggressive as the time at times seems to not letup. Time seems to get faster and faster and not until we feel the stresses of life in time caused by our own habits of responding: not until we feel, can we change our results and experience a practice of "WELLIVING..."

Breath is the nothing needed to build a personal response that produces "WELLIVING..."

The focus in this blog is to expound on and in the countless ways of the self-developed BreatheAboutLife response technique and share how to recognized and use it as a tool in creating the experience and practice of "WELLIVING..." Join in..

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