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Circle Walking Meditation


The Circle Walking Al facilitates has become a Meditation in movement and is not limited to sitting in stillness. Circle walking training begins by stepping slowly blindfolded around the eight-foot circle, establishing a trust in where I am according to what I feel — re-routing focus into the soles of the feet. A number of exercises are done walking the circle, while maintaining attention to breath using a specific breathing response method responding to imbalance.

  • For ages 5 to 95. Age does not matter, as long as one can walk and breathe, a better quality of life is available.

  • Tones the entire body inside out

  • Great for organs, joints, 

  • Connecting to the earth

  • Develops Chi

  • breathing response helps build balance, focus, concentration, trust, clarity, longevity and more...   

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My first BAGUA Circle walking experience was by happenstance at XI YUAN HOSPITAL OF CHINA ACADEMY OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE.


A client with a broken arm hired me to accompany them on a trip to China. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the profound influence such a trip and the BAGUA training would have on me for the rest of my life. Being a practitioner of Massage Therapy twelve years prior kept me open to understand the training, relating to mind, body and breathing. The effect of the exercise movements and breathing was immediate. I knew right away that this was something I could practice for a long time, and I did, for many reasons and in particular how Circle Walking helped me to process a host of old injuries. I felt a strong sense of clarity, awareness, and balance in my core. I noticed more openness in my joints and movements and more connected to the earth. 

I believe my daily training and some powerful breath coaching from great teachers allow me to bypass pharmaceutical drugs following an inguinal hernia surgery with little to no pain.


Twenty-plus years later, today I still recognize my continuing  — to transform, realign and strengthen myself within this Ancient practice of Circle Walking.

      — Al Bailey

Circle Walking
Meditation Mats 

  • Great use with Healing Centers & Gym's

  • Thick High-end Jutisu Surface

  • Multiple uses as sacred space

  • Circle walking is great outdoors in nature, and this allows for those times the weather does not permit.

  • Can be used to place workout stations around it, and walk circle in between exercises.



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Circle Walking Meditation
A Life Practice Training

  • 3-Day Training Sessions (1 hour)

  • Three people Max

  • Video access supporting growth in your practice

  • Instructions for your 8-ft-Bagua circle

  • $150 to $50 (sliding scale)

Circle Walking Meditation is an exercise and life practice, of mindful walking stretching, and breathing. These 3-Days of intentional training are a path to longevity wellness, inner peace, and self-mastery. The walking meditation training involves, western and eastern exercises designed to build and strengthen the core. In this day and time we must cultivate a strong balance, focus, and concentration, improve peripheral vision, expand cardio, increase stamina, range of motion, joint lubrication, improve circulation in the muscles fiber, and organs, flush the lymph system and boost the immune system. This training-practice response technique leads to increased clarity and a better sense of one's purpose in life.  All students are given an open invitation always to share their progression questions and request further coaching if and when challenges arise.

Email Al at:

Circle Walking Meditation
Facilitator Advanced Trainings

  • For people who want to deepen this practice

  • For people who are called to teach others

  • For people who have benefited from this powerful daily 

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This is advanced training to fully ground Circle Walking Meditation and techniques involved towards mastery. The purpose of this advanced training is to spread the practice and bring training to your communities. 

Email Al at:

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