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Life in the Rhythm of Now

  Experience, learn, focus, create —renewed clarity, restore your original rhythm and return to LITRON — Life in the Rhythm of Now.


Unlike any workout, this is a work-in.

The life force energy moves in cycles, spirals, and circles throughout our being.



The LITRON Method is facilitated on a 8ft Circle in your back yard, public park, and the LITRON Multipurpose Therapeutic Mat, pictured just below (Patent Pending). The Trademarked Method incorporates breathwork and a “West meets East’ twist to the original Qigong medicine of Bagua Circle walking.


Engaging the flow of Qi (life energy) within and around the user in this Circle of movement and breathing finds endless benefits for everyone- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The 8 ft. Diameter circle cut 1/3 inch deep into the two-inch wide groove is used to guide the user through this moving meditation and exercise process. This helps a person increase peripheral vision, grow trust while walking, and build a strong balance from their core, using tactical feedback without looking down. 

Meditation, exercises, and slow deliberate mindful movements are a common practice in many Eastern medicine routines There’re numerous short-term and long-term health benefits promoted by the exercise and movements open to all ages. After profound personal experiences, I felt it would be beneficial to teach this method to Western users, as well as to create and offer a device that helps to guide and support the routines.    


Patent Pending 2023

Circle Walking Meditation

Breathe + Body + Mediation 

practice you can take home!


The Circle Walking has become a Meditation in movement and is not limited to sitting in stillness. This Circle walking begins by stepping slowly with eyes closed for the first lap around the eight-foot circle. The blindfold training establishes a trust in where I am according to what I feel from re-routing focus into the soles of the feet, while maintaining attention on breathing. Along with a number of exercises done while walking, a specific breathing response method is implimented as the practice each time the feeling of imbalance is felt while sensing the routed path around the circle. 


  • Work and tone the entire body inside out 

  • Helps build balance, focus, concentration, trust, clarity, longevity and more...

  • For ages 5 to 95. Age does not matter, as long as one can walk and breathe, a better quality of life is available.

All body injuries share an interconnectedness with our 1st trauma and all are related to our breathing. In the litron Work-in Method  each memory held in the body is referred to the xhale1st response, upon recognizing its trigger. This initiates, and or continuates the natural processing of cellular memories. The body remembers how it reached where it is right now in life and remembers its original rhythm from birth. This rhythm is our personal invitation to heal. The body's sense of knowing responds  to the rhythm of now.


  L I T R O N  —


New Children's book Inspired by LITRON

Write by LITRON student R. Burton "Burt" a dedicated father, a retired Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, and passionate Healing Arts, Meditation and Breathwork practitioner and Circle walking enthusiast. Inspired by his LITRON work with AL, this book is a  creative and captivating tale not only entertains young minds but also empowers them with usable skills and lessons that last a lifetime!

  • tools that lead to inner strength and the ability to face fears head-on.

  • very simple but extremely powerful, proven and practical techniques for relaxation and stress reduction

  • best version of themselves with usable life-skills they can come back to night after night

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