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Breathe About Life

Bringing Circle Walking to you!


Interested in hosting Circle Walking Meditation Training
in your community, group or healing center?

The Circle Walking Al facilitates has become a Meditation in movement and is not limited to sitting in stillness. Circle walking training begins by stepping slowly blindfolded around the eight-foot circle, establishing a trust in where I am according to what I feel — re-routing focus into the soles of the fee. A number of exercises are done walking the circle, while maintaining attention to breath using a specific breathing response method responding to imbalance.

  • For ages 5 to 95. Age does not matter, as long as one can walk and breathe, a better quality of life is available.

  • Tones the entire body inside out

  • Great for organs, joints, 

  • Connecting to the earth

  • Develops Chi

  • Great to use between workout stations

  • Breathing response helps build balance, focus, concentration, trust, clarity, longevity and more...   


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"When I first met Al back in 2009, my life changed. After being involved in a car accident that nearly took my life, he helped open the door to healing for me and introduced his mantra of "Life in the rhythm of now." 

His inspiring words have continued to be an ongoing source of motivation ever since! 

It is what drove me into the health and wellness industry. So much so that when he brought his teachings around his walking circle meditation mats onto a retreat I hosted last year, I knew it was something which needed joining forces with functional fitness at once. 

I am excited to create amazing opportunities where clients can strengthen both the mind and body simultaneously. With this powerful and innovative combination, you have the power to take control of your life! It's an opportunity to help others free themselves from relying on outside forces and awaken the potential within. They will discover how to create lasting change in a meaningful way." 


— Ariel Zimmerman Walker, personal trainer Utah.

"Al is genuine and his energy is palpable. One of the best teachers and healers with whom I've ever resonated. Quality"


Al truly walks the earth as a healer in tune with Breathing as a tool for personal healing and transforming life. 

Al Visiting WONGU University of Oriental Medicine, Nevada


Circle Walking Meditation
Intro & Training brought to your community
Live In-person or On-line.

Intro to Circle Walking is an education, in the body, in breath work, in meditation and ultimately in your own body. Brings grounding and core balance to life, and compliments existing work outs and meditations. 


Circle Walking
Meditation In-door Mats 

  • Great use with Healing Centers & Gym's

  • Thick High-end Jutisu Surface

  • Multiple uses as sacred space

  • Circle walking is great outdoors in nature, and this allows for those times the weather does not permit.

  • Can be used to centrally place workout stations around it, and walk circle in between gym exercises.



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