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Breathe About Life

Living Burial Detox


A secluded beach sunrise internal detox in silence.

Slow down, regroup, recognize what is no longer  conducive to your set intention, allow the Earth

to return you to the rhythm of now.

With set intentions relaxation allows the letting go of what no longer serves our well-being. Using the pressure of moist sand to represent the pressures in life we've carried, you will be given a breathing response practice to help manage these pressures without thought or movement, while buried in the sand. As memories of the past and thoughts of the future start to overwhelm the mind, we recognize the body-mind-breathing relationship in how the three work as one together, managing the unpredictable feelings and moments we find ourselves in. 

Both African and Peruvian traditions of living burials have greatly influenced facilitating this sacred practice.


What to expect
before during & After

  • For 12 or 90 years of age

  • For connection to the earth and yourself

  • Passively breathing our mind-body and breath into a relaxed state initiates a gentle internal detox. 

  • The pressure of the sand alters the breathing to regulate and release the pressure from within the body, 

  • When daily pressures build up and remains unattended, the body experiences an overwhelming amount of cortisol and more stress. 

  • We use a host of percussion sounds backed by the constant waves from the Graveyard of the Atlantic lapping the shore during the hour-long experience.

  • All to help escape the illusion and distractions of time.

Ritual Details

  • Maximum of 10 people

  • Secluded Beach, 1/4 mile walk, wear bathing Suit to wash off sand in ocean after ritual.

  • Sunglasses and a hat

  • Time:  (Sunrise)

  • When:  Seasonal

  • Cost:  $34

Questions? Email Al at:


Sign up for a Living Burial 

  • Living Burial Detox 8-18-23
    Living Burial Detox 8-18-23
    Fri, Aug 18
    Southend Bonner Bridge parking Pea Islan
    Aug 18, 2023, 6:00 AM – 8:30 AM
    Southend Bonner Bridge parking Pea Islan, QF8F+QV, Rodanthe, NC 27968, USA
    ARRIVE AT SUNRISE — South end of Bonner Bridge parking lot on Pea Island. Silent walk out to beach. Burial, to let go of what no longer serves our well-being.
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