• Al Bailey

Distractions not working? Need a healthy way of responding to fear?

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Many of us habitually react to personal stresses of fear with distractions and made up ways of avoiding what's at hand and within in the present moment. If the situation remain unchanged, then the distractions aren't working and as a result we add another layer of stress to our being. These layers of stress don't disappear because we ignore and distract ourselves with a fight or flight reaction. Our bodies and minds accumulate and store more damaging inflammation in areas where we're weak. We feel the pain related to the fear and wonder where it came from and why am I feeling this way?

Pain is well known for bring the mind back into the present moment, where breath always dwell.

When we're overwhelmed and don't know what to do, our breathing is designed to autonomically take over and carry us when we struggle in doing for ourselves. Being able and willing to trust our breathing is based on our faith in the unseen. We don't see breath, yet; breathing is involved in all of our thoughts and movements. What we feel in life is a direct response to how we're responding to our life experiences. Life is all about our response to it...

This video is intended to offer a different way of responding to life's fearful challenges. Simply using something we've had with us since birth, even before birth, when we were breathing through our mother. Now it is vital that we know the way necessary to manage and process our personal fear, of which many of us have no idea or practice in doing so. With that being said, sometimes fear will knock on our door from out of nowhere and the first thing we do is react in distraction, fight or flight. This adds another layer of inflammation within the body to face later on down the road and again wondering where it came from.

Before taking our first breath on our own we depended on our mother to get the oxygen needed to survive. Now we're on our own and are responsible for how we breathe in response to our personal life challenges. Weather we accept it or not our previous responses are responsible for our present and future feelings. Complaining outward does no good without addressing our personal abilities in responding with mindful breathing, in place of habits of distractions, fight or flight.

There's not one healing modality that functions without breathing. Our first modality, is breathing and could serve us well, if only we put our trust and practice ahead of distracting ourselves away from these powerful opportunities, as they are presented in every breath. Exhale, breathe first and allow yourself to be served from the abundance at hand and within. When we change our breathing and all thoughts and movements will follow in the changes we embrace.

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