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Be Present, recognize our gifts...

Being present is a gift within itself, it helps in recognition development and the embodiment of our gifts so we can in due time and season we're capable of giving our gifts. A gift can manifest in a moment's notice and often without noticing, we carry many gifts that we're unaware of. Gifts that manifest as a result of us being present are recognized as being self generated through our personal experiences of being present wherever we are and in whatever we're doing and even not doing. No attachment no expectation aren't easily practiced in these times we're living in; however, my choice in these practices are what led me to these insights I will share. It's been seventeen yrs. since experiencing an intentional three weeks journey into parts of China, unknown to me. I was to assist a special friend with a broken arm. I became her extra hand and set my primary focus on being present, exercising no attachment no expectation as a mantra in meditations.

Before going any further I'd like to share an example of how things happen for us for reasons not understood in a particular moment; to show we're often right where we need to be, on the right track and headed in the right direction. All we need to do is be present right where we are and present in what we're doing. When I got the call inviting me to travel to China, it happened while visiting close friends in Philadelphia, Pa. At the time I didn't know what to say right then and told my friend I'd let her know my decision in a day or so. Speaking with friends, I said "wow I just got asked to go to China and I froze up". It blew me away and I thought to myself I need a sign to let me know I'm making the right decision. Within 15 minutes, we're outside working under the hood of my car replacing the battery while listening to an amazing gospel group rehearse in the church a few doors down. I mentioned to my friends, the music sounds good and that I had a high school classmate who was a musician of several instruments, attended and played at a church somewhere here in Philadelphia, Pa. After putting the hood down on the car, I look down the side-walk and there was my classmate I had just mentioned a moment ago. Then thinking to myself immediately, no way; this crazy. Moments later it occured to me that this is the sign I asked for. Right then I knew I was where I was supposed to be and I was on my way to China.

Little did I know the gifts that would come out of this experience of a life-time. With a broken arm, I knew my friend could only do so much and I'd be on call at anytime any place. This was my reason for choosing the attitude of no attachment and no expectation, it would teach and allow me to be present without judgement. Being the free spirit that I was and knowing there would be many challenges so to help me maintain balance and focus, I journled every day for the next three and half weeks. As a bodyworker-massage-practicioner my body would have to be compromised working in ackward positions without the use of a massage table.

The biggest challenge was facing all my personal shit that would come up almost every time I was called to assist.


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