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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Breathing mindful is vital in the year 2020 and an excellent way to bring more Balance, build a stronger Focus, that leads to better Concentration and reach Clarity in experiences, where it's been too difficult to navigate clearly in the past.

Staying present is crucial when it comes to manifesting and achieving our needs. In this coming year I'd like to help with "Facing The Fears Of The Unknown" that keeps us from "Living In The Rhythm Of Now". We'll explore the constant changes in our breathing, develop personal response practices that help process and resolve the fear. Before going any further, I'd like to know what questions does anyone have about the above information and topic, #2020nfocus? #BreathAboutLife #Breathe #UGOTHIS #npractice #holistic #Walkingmeditation #meditation #nowon

Let the processing of Cellular Memory begin...

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Al Bailey
Al Bailey
Jan 11, 2020

The struggle in focusing can be transformed into the solution that bring about better focus.

First recognize the struggle, then breathe about it every time you can remember.

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