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NOWON Body Work- Elizabeth City

Specialized Body Work - Relax/Witness our ability to heal from within

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 120 US dollars
  • 110 McMorrine St, Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Service Description

NOWON BODYWORK is a unique therapeutic bodywork technique that synthesis traditional & advanced massage therapy modalities, myofascial release, breath-work, pressure points and focused relaxation. A NOWON BODYWORK session last 90-minutes & begins with a brief sit-down chat to address your questions, contraindications, set your personal goals and intentions for your session. Like traditional massage therapy, NOWON BODYWORK is performed on a massage table, fully draped, covered with a sheet & if necessary a blanket. You may remain fully clothed or disrobe to your space of comfort. Your body remains covered throughout the session to keep your muscles & core body temperature warm. This will optimize the benefits of your session, due to the tendency of one's body temperature to drop when you begin to relax. Once on the massage table, you will be guided through NOWON's specialized “Breathing Response Practice”. Our “Breathing Response Practice” is a therapeutic technique of relaxing your body and mind together, from the constant task of everyday thinking and overthinking. Moving your focus into the exhalation and inhalation helps in aligning your body’s ability to balance, ground, center and clear yourself from the outside world, simply through breathing. Through a series of Shiatsu-compressions, pressure points, gentle rocking, we're able to identify resistance in the muscles as we begin. The next moment is entrusted and verified through breathing alone, this will help keep you out of your thinking mind throughout the session by returning focus to breath. Clients have described their experience as feeling totally relaxed, out of the body, empty and full at the same time, having no attachment, & pure weightlessness. There may be a tear or two from the joy of the body returning to a space it remembers as stress free. NOWON BODYWORK relaxes your body and mind together, thus awakening your spine to allow a full body dance of energy to flow all over from your central nervous system. This free flow of energy moves oxygen, fresh blood and nutrients throughout the rest of your being, further expanding your ability to let go relax and receive healing from within. Witness for yourself, the body doing it's own healing work from within. As you gain trust in letting go and practice the practice of returning focus to breath, makes it easier to stay out of your own way. Our body can do it's own work, this is why it's called BodyWork!

Contact Details

110 McMorrine Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 USA

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