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Bagua-Walking Meditation & Exercise

3-Day 1 on 1 & group training 3 person max.

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  • Asheville, Elizabeth City, Nag Head

Service Description

Bagua-Walking Meditation is an exercise and life practice, of mindful walking stretching, and breathing. These 3-Days of intentional training are a path to longevity wellness, inner peace, and self-mastery. Al trained with a Bagua master's at a Medicine Less Clinic-Hospital in Beijing China and has refined this practice over the last 20 years. The walking meditation offers a 3-day training, and involves, western and eastern exercises designed to build and strengthen the core. In this day and time we must cultivate a strong balance, focus, and concentration, improve peripheral vision, expand cardio, increase stamina, range of motion, joint lubrication, improve circulation in the muscles fiber, and organs, flush the lymph system and boost the immune system. The training-practice response technique leads to increased clarity and a better sense of one's purpose in life. Your practice will reveal how you show up in response to life's unseen challenges, and stressful situations and how to transform stagnant habits. The habits that no longer serve us are replaced with opportunities that usher in optimal health for ultimate healing. The need to maintain focus, set healthy intentions, and make precise decisions, are essential in developing a strong sense of well-being. At the end of the course, you'll be given a video of your complete training to help you improve as you grow in your practice for better overall health and longevity. You'll also learn how to develop your very own personal "Rhythmic Diet", take-home instructions on building your 8-ft-Bagua circle for exercise and meditation. All students are given an open invitation always to share their progression questions and request further coaching if and when challenges arise. Having breath @ hand 24/7 makes breathing an excellent life Coach in recognizing and releasing what no longer serves us. I'm only a temporary Coach and breath is Life's permanent Coach for a lifetime. This practice works when practiced and the results are self-inspiring and self-motivating. This description is to be continued...

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110 McMorrine Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 USA

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