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Whole Health Retreat

Experience, learn, focus, create —
renewed clarity, restore your original rhythm and return to

LITRON — Life in the Rhythm of Now.

Al will meet you where you are in this 4-day Retreat for self-renewal and rejuvenation through a series of movements, workshops, writing exercises, walking-meditation. Establishing a Breathing-Response-Recognition-Practice and breathe your way into optimal health. Our intention is to develop breathing habits of responding by actively participate in our ultimate healing overcoming today’s uncertainty and stress that have shaped us.

Our bodies store the recipes to how they got to where it is, within the bones, cells, nerves, joints, ligaments, and outward to the skin’s surface. Past injuries, bumps, bruises, scrapes, strains, breaks, operations, traumas, and so forth carry memories related to our inhalation and exhalation response systems. In this four-day Re-Treat, we’ll learn to recognize without fear and connect without attachments to inflammed memories, releasing and processing them through walking, stretching, and breathing exercises.


The BreatheAboutLife Response Technique used in this practice was derived after a 10-year rehabilitation from an NDE while driving a pickup truck, followed by 30 plus years of Massage Body-Work, Practice and Teaching also 18 years of BAGUA Mindful-Walking meditation and exercise.  Join us on the beautiful ever-changing OUTER BANKS of N.C. for an experience of a life. Learn to create a focused atmosphere in your life for developing a stronger concentration in clarity. Allow me to share how I manage during these times of uncertainty and how to restore your original rhythm and return to LIVING IN THE RHYTHM OF NOW!

  • Daily Workshops:  Developing Clarity, managing uncertainty, restoring your original rhythm, Living in the rhythm of now.

  • Daily Body-work treatments to help your processing

  • Daily creative writing and reflection

  • Daily BAGUA Mindful-Walking meditation and exercise

  • Enjoy the Outer Banks Community

  • This Healing Community is a Maximum of 12 individuals

  • Thursday afternoon to Sunday Afternoon


Classroom Inner Work

  • learn, focus, clarity, create

  • Approx  2hr class

  • Reconnecting, reorienting, and remembering. Growing our being beyond our triggers and challenges of overwhelming everyday stresses. 

  • We exploring how our challenges shape us.

Circle Walking Meditation

Breathe + Body + Mediation 

practice you can take home!


The Circle Walking has become a Meditation in movement and is not limited to sitting in stillness. This Circle walking begins by stepping slowly with eyes closed for the first lap around the eight-foot circle. The blindfold training establishes a trust in where I am according to what I feel from re-routing focus into the soles of the feet, while maintaining attention on breathing. Along with a number of exercises done while walking, a specific breathing response method is implimented as the practice each time the feeling of imbalance is felt while sensing the routed path around the circle. 


  • Work and tone the entire body inside out 

  • Helps build balance, focus, concentration, trust, clarity, longevity and more...

  • For ages 5 to 95. Age does not matter, as long as one can walk and breathe, a better quality of life is available.


Awakening the Spine 
Body Work

• Treatments to help your processing

• Offered each day 


This unique approach to fully-clothed bodywork has been designed to relieve pressure and tension held in the 8-Gates of the body, Jaw-1, Neck-2, Shoulders-3, Elbows-4, Wrist-5, Hips-6, Knees-7, Ankles-8. These Gates allow optimal movement and change when free of inflammation. By breathing fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients into these 8-Gates, without our attachment to who is giving and receiving touch, this moves the focus out of the mind. Client witnesses a peaceful merger of mind-body and breathing, feeling grounded, centered, and clear — you deserve it!

Retreat Schedule

A daily rhythm of healing


Thursday Afternoon - Sunday Afternoon

Morning Training  (Indoor & Outdoor Classroom)

Afternoon Self Time & Body Work

Evening Training   (Indoor & Outdoor Classroom)

Opening & Closing Ceremony


Upcoming Retreats

  • Finding Purpose
    Fri, Oct 11
    Oct 11, 2019, 7:00 PM – Oct 13, 2019, 11:00 PM
    Obx, Nags Head, NC 27959, USA
    Event info goes here in this space.
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